Weekly industry news roundup – January 9, 2017

Around the world

Recently ValueWalk looked at how the marketplace lending world might develop in 2017. The author described how data-driven analytic firms like PeerIQ and DV01 will become more prominent as potential lenders and borrowers seek more information on their range of choices.

Forbes discussed three tech trends that will influence small business lending. These factors include A.I. which can more efficiently calculate the credit risk of a borrower, the merging of traditional banks and online lenders, and the accessing of underserved markets. Many believe these changes will accelerate under a Trump administration.

Crowdfund Insider discussed the Securities Exchange Commission and their annual report on “nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (NSROs).” The SEC acknowledged online lending in their review of agencies that publish credit ratings on certain securities and institutions. The move indicates the growing field and recognition of P2P lending.

RegBlog reviewed a recent announcement from The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding marketplace lending. According to the author, “The OCC will seek to regulate financial technology (FinTech) companies under a single national standard that provides a different set of rules than those that currently govern the growing industry.”

Business Insider published a piece on Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority and their newly drafted regulations for the marketplace lending industry in the country. The organization is attempting to strike a balance between oversight and encouragement of an industry that provides a valuable service to many.

Bondora mentions

TechBullion cited Bondora in their article, “10 Popular FinTech Companies in Estonia” As number one on the list the author shared that “With over 9,000 investors from 37 countries, the platform has funded 35 million euro in loans and received more than 4 million euro in interest payments.”

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