Weekly industry news roundup – July 3, 2017

News from around the world

Forbes published an article which touched on the “shift from individual to institutional lending” in the peer-to-peer lending world. The authors explained the continued growth of p2p lending explaining that in the UK alone, originations grew by 36% in 2016.


Born2Invest offered a quick overview for first-time investors seeking to grow their savings with peer to peer investing. The author stresses the importance of making the investment in P2P lending part of a larger portfolio encompassing other asset classes.


Newsmax released a piece looking at how the CHOICE act in the U.S. is helping to give fintechs a boost. Startups and small businesses will have easier access to the capital they need to grow. This is possible as the bill softens the regulatory burden on newer ventures.


Nasdaq released an article exploring alternative ways to hedge against a downturn. The author cited peer-to-peer lending as one idea. The author explains how investors have the benefit of modulating their risk exposure by considering different borrowers.


The BBC penned a whimsical article offering tips on being more charming. They included an interesting research statistic citing “In one experiment, borrowers who were perceived as looking less trustworthy were less likely to get loans on a peer-to-peer lending site.” The research comes from The Review of Financial Studies.

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