Weekly industry news roundup – November 28, 2016


On Wednesday of last week Banking Technology reported on a new event called “Startupbootcamp” which aims to help emerging FinTech businesses. The organization received 400 applications from 61 different countries. Many of the players on the field were focused on marketplace lending.

The Financial Express reported on the cash strapped population in India. The currency situation has necessitated alternative funding sources. As a result, “P2P lending is likely to gain ground.”

Forbes reported on the continued growth of the FinTech world citing that “Between the years 2010 to 2016, investments in the Fintech sector jumped. From $1.8 Billion in Fintech investments in 2010 to an investment of $5.2 Billion in the first quarter of 2016 alone.” The author identified P2P lending as the major focus of these efforts.

On Monday The Middle Ground posted an article about the influence of FinTech on traditional banks. The author posited that “some forms of Fintech threaten to replace entire segments of the banking business. The P2P lending websites, such as Capital Match and MoolahSense, could well replace banks in the area of small business loans.”

Pymnts.com shared findings from the sixth annual Financially Underserved Market Size report. The detail within revealed that more consumers are turning to marketplace lending as a source of capital.


P2P Lending Experiences mentioned Bondora in their article covering the basics of P2P lending. Bondora was cited as an example of the technologically driven marketplace solution.

Bobsguide.com mentions Bondora among modern fintechs that are trying to serve customers across the EU and have built their business models on helping customers bypass existing barriers and push industry more towards a single capital market.

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