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In August, we celebrated a milestone, reaching 170,000 investors! As more people choose Bondora as their investment platform, our team must continue to grow to provide our customers with quality investment products and top-notch service. We have several open roles, and we are looking for exceptional individuals to join our team.

Here are summaries for 3 of our open positions:

VP of European Expansion

We’re looking for a VP of European Expansion to oversee our credit product entry to new markets across Europe. You will oversee market research, prioritization, entry-decision, and market launch activities.

.NET Developer

As part of the best engineering team in Estonia, your role as a .NET Developer, is to build and improve the products used by our customers across the world. You will use mainly C#, .NET, .NET Core, and Docker for back-end, and ASP.NET, JavaScript/jQuery, and React for front-end.

Spanish Growth Manager

Do you want to develop and execute a marketing strategy in Spain across all channels? Then you’re in luck! We’re looking for a Spanish Growth Manager who will help get us to €200M annual originations by 2023.

Working at Bondora is not only awesome; we also offer competitive benefits, such as a generous vacation policy, kick-ass team events, and tons of free cake. Go to bondora.group/careers to learn more about these positions and to view our other open roles. If you’re driven, talented, and want to change the world, apply for one of our open positions today!

Thanks for watching, keep investing, and see you again next time.

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