Why is my portfolio not investing? – Bondora (Video)

If you are an active Portfolio Pro or Portfolio Manager user, then you might have seen that your portfolio hasn’t been investing as usual. This is why:

We recently reviewed how investments are distributed across all investing products. When compared to the number of active investors, we discovered that a higher share of investments was acquired by Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro users. As a result, we’ve updated our distribution rules to ensure all Go & Grow customers get a fair share of investments too. 

This means Portfolio Pro and Portfolio Manager users may notice fewer investments acquired in their portfolio. 

We understand this might be frustrating, but we want to be fair to all investors, including those who use Go & Grow. 

If you haven’t yet, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to give Go & Grow a try. It’s our most popular product for good reason, and it’s super easy to use. Click here to learn more. 

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Bondora monthly video recap

Keep investing and bye for now.

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