🙋 Your top 5 questions in February – answered!

Hi there, I’m Kairi from Bondora’s Investor Associates’ team. Every month we round up all the most-asked questions we received from investors in one blog post. You can find all the answers to these top questions right here. It’s just another way we provide first-class customer service. Let’s go through the top 5 questions we received from our investors this month.

Kairi has been working at Bondora since 2013. She's worked across several departments, starting as an assistant, and now she leads our Investor Associates' team.
Kairi has been working at Bondora since 2013. She’s worked across several departments, starting as an assistant, and now she leads our Investor Associates’ team.

1. Verification: “Why is my money reserved on my account?”

We’ve recently updated our Terms of Use, and this one particular update affects new customers. If you recently signed up to become an investor and added money to your account before finalizing the verification, then you might see your money is being listed as ‘Reserved funds.’ That means your account verification isn’t complete yet, and you need to finalize it before you can start investing. 

You’ll also get emails or SMSs from Bondora, reminding you that you need to finish your account setup before you can start investing. Reserved funds won’t be invested, and you won’t earn returns while it’s reserved. Simply log in to your account and complete the missing verification steps by either clicking on the Verification tab on the left menu panel or the blue pop-up banner at the top of your screen prompting you to complete your account setup. You can learn more about verifying your account here.

2. Investments: “Which currencies does Bondora accept?”

Our functional currency is EUR (€). This means we can only accept payments made in Euro (EUR/€). If we receive payments in any other currencies, these payments will be rejected by the bank. Thus, please always make sure to send your payment in euro.

PS. You can still use TransferWise for currency conversions. However, if you choose to withdraw money from your account, it can only be done via SEPA instant payments.

3. Privacy policy: “Where can I see the new Privacy Policy?”

We value your privacy and will always protect your personal data strictly according to our privacy policy. We update it regularly to ensure you are protected. You can read the privacy policy here, but in summary, it says that we won’t spam you or sell your data to unauthorized third parties. So, you can rest assured that your data is protected.

4. Investments: “Can I transfer my portfolio to Go & Grow?”

Yes, you can! If you no longer want to invest in loans directly, want to have a hassle-free experience, and are looking for more liquidity, then switching to Go & Grow is the answer.

If you invest using Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Pro, or the API, you can quickly request to transfer your portfolio to Go & Grow from the Investments tab on your Dashboard.

Click on the Add your existing Bondora investments to the Go & Grow account button. If you qualify, Bondora will provide you with an offer to liquidate your existing portfolio based on the current portfolio value. Please note: It may be at a lower amount.

You can find more information on this topic here.

5. Reports: “I receive an error trying to generate an Account statement for December-February.”

We’ve recently optimized our account statements only to provide data for one month. This is to generate reports faster and make the process more convenient for you. If you require reports for previous months, you can simply create as many reports as you need. There’s no limit to how often or how many reports you can create.

And that’s it for this month! We hope we’ve answered all your questions. If you have other Bondora-questions, you can find the answers on our online support site.

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