New Statistics pages; recovery overview; first investor webinar and more


Get better insight with our new Statistics pages

We offered a brief overview of the changes we recently made to the general and personal statistics pages on the site. Our users have so far responded with enthusiasm to the new outlook that delivers lots of new information with appealing graphics and insights.

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Weekly industry news roundup – March 20, 2017

Forbes published an article exploring how the marketplace lending phenomenon is spreading worldwide.
The Motley Fool offered readers a brief guide of questions to ask oneself before borrowing from a P2P lending site.
Business Insider took a look at the areas of FinTech poised for continued growth through 2017.
The Times explored the ways investors are seeking more aggressive growth from their investments.
Crowdfund Insider released an article reviewing new measures from The Bank of England Fintech Accelerator.

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Performance of recovery process – March 2017

We offered our regular overview of the monthly recovery process performance. The average recovery performance for 2016 was 64% which outperformed the average recovery over the last three years of 51%. In Finland, the three-year average recovery stayed on par with last months rate while the average recovery for 2016 increased 10 percentage points to 56%. Estonia’s average 2016 recovery performance is essentially flat at 63% and its three-year total slightly higher at 67%. Recoveries in Spain and Slovakia each saw a decrease of 9 percentage points compared to past months recovery overview.

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Register today to our first investor webinar on March 23, 2017

On Thursday we shared information on our first webinar for investors and how to join the discussion. In the webinar, we will cover what we do, our company structure and how we serve investors, our collections program and our plans for the future. The webinar will be conducted via live stream on March 23, 3:00 pm EET. Don’t miss it.

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