Bondora Group Monthly Stats May 2024

Are you ready for a brand-new statistic? Of course you are! We know you enjoy seeing all the latest news and numbers from the Bondora Group. So, besides the usual investment, origination, and new investor stats, you can also see… wait, we’ll let you discover it for yourself 😉

Bondora Group Monthly Stats May 2024
Bondora Group Monthly Stats May 2024

New Investors in May

2,166 more people created investor accounts with us during May. This is the highest number of new investors since we revamped our stats series. Welcome to you all!

New Investors in May 2024
New Investors in May 2024

Investments in May

Bondora Group investors added €13,035,362 to their Go & Grow accounts in May, a 23.8% decline from the total investment we saw in April, which was €17,097,637.

Go & Grow investments in May 2024
Go & Grow investments in May 2024

Returns earned by investors

NEW: You can see the returns earned by our investor community starting this month. Although investing is a long-term journey, it’s gratifying to celebrate the gains along the way to your goals. In May, the Bondora Group investor community earned a total of €2,310,771 in returns on their investments.

Returns earned by investors in May 2024

Loan originations stats

In May, loan customers originated €17,997,741 worth of loans, a 17.1% increase from April.

A special mention goes to the Estonian credit market, which has grown by 41.4% from last month. A total of €4,513,862 was originated, totaling the highest origination amount for Estonia in 2024 thus far.

Similarly, Finland also had its highest origination amount for 2024, totaling €11,118,003.

Once again, we’ve seen tremendous growth in Latvia, Bondora Group’s newest market. Latvian originations grew from €74,304 in April to €137,052, setting a new highest-ever amount for our Baltic neighbour.

Loan originations stats in May 2024
Loan originations stats in May 2024

See from which markets the most originations came in May:

As you have grown used to seeing, Finland has the most loan originations, taking up the vast majority every month.

Estonia follows in second place – but this month, this market has more than a quarter of all originations.

The Netherlands follows them in third and Latvia in fourth.

Stats May 2024
May 2024

Do you want to compare these stats to last month’s? Use this link to our April stats post

See you next month

Thanks for joining us! Look out for the June stats and data article next month.

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