Bondora Highlights from Q4 2022

At Bondora, we believe that each highlight or milestone should be celebrated, no matter how big or small. Especially when it can make a meaningful difference and help make the world around us a better place. Here are some of our favorite highlights from Q4:

Bondora won the Good Working Environment Award in the SME category.
Bondora won the Good Working Environment Award in the SME category.

Won the Good Working Environment Award

After being evaluated by the Estonian Labor Inspectorate, Bondora won the Good Working Environment Award in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) category. This award is given to companies that create a healthy working environment and safe working conditions for their employees.

Mirjam, our Office Manager extraordinaire, accepted our Good Working Environment Award.

Bondora breaks into the top 30 Estonian fintech list

We are honored to be considered one of Estonia’s top 30 tech companies! The companies included were based on their estimated value, and Bondora ranks 23rd on the list.

Launched the Netherlands loan market

On 23 September 2022, borrowers in the Netherlands could access our loan services for the first time! This launch forms part of our bigger expansion plans, and you can look forward to hearing about new loan markets being launched soon. was launched in September 2022. was launched in September 2022.

Spooktacular fun at the office Halloween party

Bondora Halloween parties are the stuff of legends, and this year was no different. With people dressing up, scary movie quizzes, and loads more, our superheroes had an awesome time unwinding and blowing off some (spooky) steam.

IT was an awesome Halloween party 😉
IT was an awesome Halloween party 😉

Helping to build the future of coding with kood/Jõhvi

Bondora is a loyal partner to kood/Jõhvi, and we were honored to support them in their mission to open their first-ever new school building, which opened on 30 November 2022. This is an essential milestone for supporting future tech Superheroes, and we’re so excited for more bright minds to enter the coding world. Who knows, maybe some of them will become future Bondora Superheroes…

Bondora partnered with kood/Jõhvi to support the future IT game-changers.

Bondora’s Family Friendly Employer Gold Status is renewed

Two years ago, in November 2020, Bondora was recognized as a gold-level Family Friendly Employer, the highest honor the Ministry of Social Affairs gives out. In November 2022, after re-evaluating us over a 2-year period, they renewed our status again.

The categories were: flexible working time, information movement, social climate, recruitment, onboarding, professional development and support, synergy & culture, work environment, supporting a healthy lifestyle, and feedback & surveys.

We’re honored to receive this recognition once again and to continue making Bondora an incredible place to work.

Those are some of our key highlights from the last quarter of 2022. Follow us on Instagram for more regular updates.

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