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Balancing Risks and Rewards – Meet Bondora’s Head of Credit Risk

Dear readers, today you can learn more about Bondora Group’s Head of Credit Risk, Tomas Bouska. He’s our 41st Bondorian in the Spotlight and also the only Czech in the company 🇨🇿 Tomas loves completing tasks, ensuring we have the right mechanisms to support our customers, and, of course, getting data, data, and more data!…
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Celebrating Success: Bondora Alumni at Flowstep

Have you ever wondered what sparks the creation of a groundbreaking startup? Join us behind the scenes of one such story, one with roots in Bondora. Picture this: A group of talented individuals are building something incredible at Bondora, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table. Among them were Kaarel Roben, former…
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🌍Not Lost in Translation: Meet Pille Lamp, Bondora’s Localization Expert

Today, we introduce you to Pille Lamp, our 40th Bondorian in the Spotlight. She speaks 8 languages, loves cats and nature, and will conquer linguistic bugs wherever she goes. Read on to learn more about the intricacies of her daily tasks, what she loves most about working in marketing, and how she’s embraced being our…
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🔴2024 Q&A Video with Bondora CEO

Welcome to our 2024 Q&A with Pärtel Tomberg, the CEO and Co-founder of Bondora. Thank you for your interest and for sending in all your questions. Pärtel answered the most-asked ones. In this video, Pärtel talks about our plans to improve the current investor experience, his 5-year vision for Bondora, how we are building trust,…
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Invest up to €16,000 🥳 Win €16,000

Guess who's 16th birthday is coming up?  Yes, on 21 March, we’re celebrating 16 years of success with Bondora! At the core of our journey lies your trust and loyalty. So, to celebrate our partnership, we're throwing a birthday carnival just for you!  🎉🥳🎊 Exclusive Go & Grow birthday limit From 21 February until 21…
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Want Passive Income? See Why Go & Grow is Ideal for You >>

If you’re looking for a simple way to invest (who isn’t), you’ve come to the right place. At Bondora, we don’t do complicated. We believe investing should be easy. And that’s exactly what you get with Go & Grow: it’s your simplest way to invest with us. Discover more about how you can use Go…
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Explore the Life of a Software Engineer at Bondora: Meet Taavi Kala!

Today, we introduce you to Taavi Kala, our 39th Bondorian in the Spotlight. Since joining Bondora in 2023 as a software engineer, he’s explored various new opportunities and broadened his coding horizons. Read on to see what he enjoys about life at Bondora, what he does in his free time (hint: cute pet pics included),…
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6 Reasons Why Working at Bondora Is Simply the Best

We love working at Bondora. And once you read this article, you'll see why. From the rewarding but challenging work, excellent salaries, and flexible work environment to the epic people we call our colleagues. Here are our top 6 reasons why working at Bondora is better than anywhere else: 1.   Market-leading salary Bondorians receive above-market-average…
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🚀NEW Go & Grow Limit: Reach Your Goals Even Faster

2024 is in full swing. This means you've probably finalized your big investing goals for the new year. That's where we come in! To help accelerate your ambition of reaching your goals, we’re raising the monthly Go & Grow limit from €700 to €1,000. Accelerate your dreams From 23 January, you can invest up to…
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🎊 2023 Recap: Bondora’s Biggest Moments

2023 is almost at an end. And before we take the first steps into the New Year, we wanted to thank you for being part of our story this year. Knowing you chose us to help effortlessly build your wealth is an incredible feeling. So, let’s rewind and recap some of our biggest moments in…
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