Loan originations on the rise: May 2020

After taking a dip in April, originations picked up again in May. As discussed over the last two months, Bondora made the conscious decision to focus on Estonian loan originations in an effort to keep the platform sustainable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This also means no new originations were made via Go & Grow in May, and will not be made until partial payouts are no longer active. But, this opens up the opportunity for our other products, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Pro, and API, to take a bigger total share. Read on to see a detailed breakdown of the share of funding on the Bondora platform for May 2020.

investment by product - May 2020

Funding for May, excluding Go & Grow, totaled €2,221,201, which is up by 8.2% compared to April. All 3 product categories grew in funding on the month. Interestingly, API saw the biggest increase, rising by a whopping 37.1% to €162,392.

investment by product chart

Portfolio Manager’s share continues to climb, from 40% in April to 43% of the total in May. Portfolio Pro’s share on the other hand decreased slightly from 54% to 50% of the total. API’s share continues its upward growth from the last few months, increasing to 7% of the total. These products are typically favored by our more active investors who like to be hands on and have more control over the specific investments in their portfolio.

Stay on track with Go & Grow

Even though our other products are gaining traction with investors, Go & Grow remains the easiest way to invest and reach your potential. When you open your Go & Grow account, you are prompted to select an investing goal. These goals range from Child’s future and Big purchase, to Rainy day, Travel, and more. Choosing a specific investment goal and seeing it every time you open your dashboard helps you to stick to your investment plan.

Stay on track with Go and Grow

But what if you’ve reached your goal or you want to change it and set a new goal? You can easily edit it from your Go & Grow page.

  1. Go to your Go & Grow dashboard
  2. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select Edit Purpose and Goal
  4. Complete the details, and then you’re done!

Stay on track with your goals and reach your potential with Go & Grow.

On track - Go and Grow

Steady sustainability

Despite changes in the share of investments by product, Bondora remains sustainable. We continue to deliver on the net return of up to 6.75%* p.a. for Go & Grow investors, and have a positive outlook for the coming months.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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