Statistiche mensili del Gruppo Bondora aprile 2024

Welcome to our monthly stats post for April. It’s your dose of insights into our growth and performance. It’s all the numbers, updates, and statistics you want to see in a brief but informative read. 

Grab your coffee, and let’s dive into Bondora Group’s April news and statistics. 

Bondora Group Monthly Stats April 2024 
Bondora Group Monthly Stats April 2024 

New Investors 

In April, 1,984 more people created their investor accounts with us. Welcome all the new investors who joined our community. 

Monthly new investors: April 2024
Monthly new investors: April 2024


In April, our investors added €17,097,637 to their Go & Grow accounts.  

Thanks to the temporary 16th birthday campaign in March, we had the highest-ever investment amount. So, the amounts in April were expected to rebound to lower levels. 

Monthly total investments: April 2024
Monthly total investments: April 2024

Investor question of the month 

‘Why don’t you introduce multi-factor authentication on the app and website? Do you take any measures to prevent possible cyber attacks?’ 

We prioritize security by employing advanced methods and technologies to safeguard against cyber threats. Our internal teams and IT partners continuously monitor and protect our networks and services.  

We regularly enhance our defenses through rigorous code analysis, peer reviews, penetration testing, and IT audits, and we monitor banking activities for suspicious actions.  

Multi-factor authentication is on our roadmap and is one of the features prioritized for implementation. Meanwhile, our app has a PIN code and facial or fingerprint authorization feature available for additional security measures, depending on your operating system. 

Loan originations 

In April, loan customers originated €15,366,980 worth of loans. This is a slight 0.8% decrease from March.  

Of all our markets, the most noteworthy was the Latvian originations, which grew from €15,660 in March to €74,304 in April. This is our highest-ever amount for this new market. 

Monthly total loan originations: April 2024
Monthly total loan originations: April 2024

See from which markets the most originations came in April: 

Loan originations distribution: April 2024
Loan originations distribution: April 2024

As has become the norm, Finland remains the market with the most loan originations, taking up the vast majority every month. 

Estonia follows in second place, and after that, the Netherlands.  

Lastly, we have Latvia, the most recent new loan market the Bondora Group launched.  

Do you want to compare these stats to last month’s? Here’s a link to our March stats post.   

See you next time 

That’s it for today! Look for the May stats and data article next month. 

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