Bondora Embarks on Ambitious Growth Plan: Announces New Developments

Bondora is a global financial platform providing mutually beneficial solutions for investors and borrowers. Since 2008, Bondora’s investor base has grown to over 200,000 customers who have invested more than €650 million and earned over €80 million to build their financial wealth. We are incredibly honored to have become such a popular and trusted investment choice. Bondora as a company has also grown exponentially during this period, and we are committed to continuing this growth journey with our investors to provide the best solutions possible.

Bondora Embarks on Ambitious Growth Plan
Bondora Embarks on Ambitious Growth Plan

With growth, it’s important for Bondora to continue being a responsible and sustainable investment platform and maintaining a balance between new investments and our new loan portfolios. In the coming months, we will prioritize launching new loan markets, new financial products, and new target audiences we will serve as quickly and efficiently as possible. To manage this, we are implementing two temporary changes to our platform by:

  • Revising our referral program
  • Directing new investors to gain access only to the Go & Grow Unlimited tier at up to a 4.0% p.a*

Everything else will remain the same for our existing Go & Grow investors. They will continue to earn up to 6.75% returns p.a.* and can invest up to the monthly limit.  As an added benefit, existing investors can invest as much as they want into the Go & Grow Unlimited tier.

Referral program changes: Give 5 – Get 5!

Beginning 1 September 2022, when investors refer friends and family to Bondora to sign up and invest, the new investor will get a €5 starting bonus, and the existing investor will get a €5 referral bonus. There’s still no limit to the number of people one can refer. (Please find the specific terms for the referral program on our support site.)

New investor changes

Beginning 24 August 2022, as new investors join Bondora, they will gain full access to all the benefits of Go & Grow, but at the Go & Grow Unlimited tier. They can invest unlimited amounts and earn up to 4% returns p.a.*. Our up to 6.75%* return Go & Grow tier will temporarily become exclusive to existing investors.

Looking after our loyal investors and their future

Even as we’ve become an increasingly popular choice, we care about you, our existing investors, and prioritize you above all others. So, as an existing investor who has invested in Bondora before 24 August 2022, you will continue to have exclusive access to the Go & Grow tier to invest up to the monthly limit and earn up to 6.75% returns p.a.*

You will also be able to invest with no monthly limit into the Unlimited Go & Grow tier to earn up to 4% p.a.* It has all the same benefits and conveniences you love: 100% online, automated, and super easy to use. Just add money and let compound returns do the rest.

🌱Let’s keep growing together

We are making these temporary changes to help keep our platform more sustainable and lower risks for our investors. And we remain focused on our mission of helping more people invest easily and stress less about money.

As we scale on our ambitious growth plan, we want to reassure you that all our decisions are based on your financial well-being and our data. Our goal is to provide our investors with even more growth opportunities via new Go & Grow investment tiers and products.

We are always working to ensure Bondora remains a sustainable platform for you to build your wealth easily and securely. Everything we do is done towards that goal. As a long-term Bondora investor, we thank you. You’ve experienced first-hand how much we’ve grown and as we’ve grown, so has investors’ wealth.

Let’s focus on the long-term growth journey together.

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