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Are you looking to diversify your portfolio away from low-yielding stocks and bonds?

Bondora is a leading European non-bank consumer lender with a solid eight-year track record. By investing in Bondora-originated loans through the Bondora.com marketplace, you can access a new asset class and earn a strong return with well-diversified risk.

Do high returns mean high risk?

All investments involve risk, but by investing a maximum of 10-20% of your portfolio through Bondora.com, you can increase your overall return and achieve diversification benefits. Risk is further reduced by the fact that your investment is automatically allocated across hundreds of different loans. We recommend, however, that you only consider our platform if you can invest at least EUR 1,000; otherwise, you may not be adequately diversified.

How much can I expect to earn through Bondora.com?

Risk-adjusted interest rates, a well-managed default-control process, and strong performance in recovering loans have helped to deliver high returns. Of those who have invested through Bondora.com, 98.6% have realized positive returns and 24% have earned over 9% annually.

Why should I sign up now?

The longer you wait to take the first step, the longer you will miss out on the prospect of earning an attractive return with well-diversified risk. Of course, we recommend that you start slowly and get comfortable with the process before making a substantial commitment.

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Robert Kiyosaki, teaching and volleyball. Read Andrea’s story

“I suggest to all of you to trust the platform, by starting with a small amount of money and then dropping in a monthly amount”
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Meet Thomas Larch – an entrepreneur and a sound engineer who lives in Italy

"I have decided to invest in Bondora because it is a further step towards financial independence and I believe Bondora is the best platform to generate passive income quickly and easily."
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