Product Updates: Shifting to 100% Hands-off Investing

January is a time of reflection. And when we look back at the history of investing at Bondora, it’s no surprise that there’s always been one main driver behind everything we do: you, our investors. You guide us on how best to help you grow your wealth. 

Shifting to 100% hands-off investing
Shifting to 100% hands-off investing

Back in 2008, investing with us looked very different. You had to spend a lot of time on the platform choosing and weighing the pros and cons of potential investments into specific loans. 

Then the first signs of automation came with Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro. With these two products, you were in the driver’s seat of your portfolio. But you had to be very hands-on, check your investments, tweak risk settings, and actively buy and sell loan pieces. 

Active investing started taking the backseat

In 2018, we launched Go & Grow, and everything changed. Suddenly, you could enjoy a stable return rate with minimized risks and fast access to your money with almost no effort. As portfolio diversification is automated, you can just add money, automatically earn returns, and continue living your life. 

Finally, you could invest easily and save the most valuable thing of all, your time. 

Over 96% of all investments are made via Go & Grow. This has made it clear that most investors opt for this effortless way to grow money. And Go & Grow has claimed this overwhelming majority time and time again, noticeably since November 2020.

This is the road to hands-off wealth

As investors’ priorities have shifted, so did ours. This means we’ll close Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro for new investments from 27 February 2023. To ensure you get the best hands-off investing experience, we’re focusing on improving Go & Grow and Go & Grow Unlimited.  

If you invest using Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro, please note that the Secondary Market will remain open, and you’ll still receive loan payments from your portfolio. But you won’t be able to reinvest them into those two portfolios. However, you can transfer your portfolio to Go & Grow or Go & Grow Unlimited. 

If this applies to you, you would’ve received an email, but if you didn’t or have any questions, please contact our support team.

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