A recap of our videos in July 2021

Summer is breezing by! This month we explained what investment risk is, how to open a Bondora investor account, and how to change your password if needed. Dive in below for more.

What is investment risk?

In finance, risk is the likelihood that a potential financial loss might occur in an investment decision. It is a negative deviation from the expected outcome. Or, in simple terms, you’ll lose money that you expected to gain.

Every saving and investment product has different levels of risk and returns. Differences include how quickly investors can liquidate their accounts, how fast their money will grow, and how safe their money will be.

Some investors consider less risk to be more favorable, while others prefer investments with higher risks with the promise of better returns.

How to open a Bondora investor account

If you’re ready to begin investing with Bondora, this video can help you get started. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open a Bondora investor account.

Visit Bondora.com and click the green “Join now” button in the top, right-hand corner.

Enter your email address, your name as it appears on your ID document, and mobile number. Then click the “Register” button. By clicking “Register,” you agree to our Terms of Use.

On the next page, review the Privacy Policy and risk statement, then check the boxes to confirm that you’ve read and understand them. If you want to receive offers and advertisements from Bondora, select the last field. To advance, click “Confirm.”

In the following screen, select your investing goal and create a plan for your new Go & Grow account.

Confirm that you’ve read the relevant documents, then click the “Create my Go & Grow account” button.

Finally, use the payment details shown to add money to your account or skip this step for now.

Don’t forget to open the confirmation email in your inbox and change your password to secure your account.

How to change your password

Keeping track of passwords can be tough, especially if you have multiple accounts, each with a different password.

If you enter the wrong password when trying to log in to your Bondora account, you will receive the error message “Username and password did not match.” But don’t worry! If you need to change it, you can do so in just a few easy steps.

Go to Bondora.com and click the “Lost your password?” link.

On the next page, enter the email address registered to your account and select “Send.”

Open the confirmation email in your inbox and select “Click here to change your password.” Enter a phrase or combination of letters, numbers, and symbols with at least 7 characters or more, then click “Change your password.”

You will receive an email and SMS confirmation of the password change.

Alternatively, select “Click here to log in with a special link.” Keep in mind that you will still need to change your password using the first link, which will expire in 5 minutes.

And that’s it!

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