VIDEO: Weekly summary – March 1, 2017


Bondora portfolio performance – February 2017

On Tuesday we shared February’s portfolio performance overview of the returns across all countries in the Bondora platform. The latest performance data marks the fifth consecutive quarter of realised net returns exceeding the targeted figure.

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Weekly industry news roundup – February 27, 2017

Forbes interviewed Matt Burton, the CEO of Orchard. His firm empowers marketplace investors by aggregating data across more than 20 P2P firms.
The Washington Post published an article revealing that mortgage money is flowing away from big banks and into marketplace lenders.
Entrepreneur discussed four trends impacting online business lending: more offerings, bank partnerships, self-imposed regulations, and possible government regulations.
Spend Matters Network discussed how marketplace lenders are increasingly offering faster and less expensive ways to fund small business operations.
Huffington Post cited marketplace lending as one of aspect of “6 Ways to Make (Legit) Money While You Sleep.”
Our founder and CEO, Pärtel Tomberg, shared his views on Borse Online.

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Understand Secondary Market activity with new statistics chart

On Friday we explained a new chart available on the General Statistics page. The Secondary Market Statistics chart gives users an overall view of how lending has grown on Bondora and the proportion of the total with discount, at par value and with premium.

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Everything you need for tax season in one place

On Thursday last week we explained how investors can quickly access customizable reports for their annual tax filings. For many of our users the Tax Report and Income Report offer all the details you need to complete your tax returns.

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