Meet the Bondorians – Temmy, Investor Relations Associate and YouTube star

Hi there! I’m Temmy.


What do you do at Bondora?

I work with Bondora as an Investor Relations Associate. I began my Customer Relations career 8 years ago with one of Africa’s largest multi-telecommunications network — MTN Nigeria.

Currently at Bondora, I support investors in English language and also manage our weekly videos from content development to publishing.

What’s your story?

I was born and bred in Nigeria :). But my quest for knowledge and the curiosity to see other parts of the world brought me to Tallinn.

I’d wanted to study abroad, so I found the opportunity to do that in Estonia and I embraced it. I arrived Tallinn in August 2014 to commence my Masters programme in Communication Management and also went to Cambridge, United Kingdom. I spent my time there on a 5-month course in Intercultural Communication in September 2015, and returned back to Tallinn January 2016.

What do you do outside of work for fun?

Music is what I love to do any day, anytime and anywhere. I’ve loved music since when I was in the junior high school. I remember my Dad enrolled me into a music school organised by our church back then, and I went for the keyboard class — of which I was the only person who scaled through.

Music since then became my passion. I sing and play the keyboard, a bit of the lead guitar, bass guitar and drums as well. I currently serve as the choir director in my church.

Asides music, I love to watch movies especially sci-fi and adventure, and I also like to watch sports when the season is on.

What’s your favorite thing about Bondora?

Flexibility — Bondora is not rigid in their thinking and that brings about good innovation and helps to get the job done faster.

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