A sensible choice: Bondora Heroes – Tobias Laufer

As a student in Berlin, Tobias Laufer is proud of his city. “I’m a Berliner,” he says. “I was born in Berlin. I was raised here, and I still live here. The city has a special place in my heart. There is just no other place like this on Earth.”

Given his love for his home city, it was no surprise that when it came time for Tobias to attend university, he chose the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he now studies law with a focus on corporate law.

A fintech interest

Tobias has been interested in financial technology for quite some time, and this caused him to seek out positions in fintech to grow his knowledge in the industry. Ultimately, Tobias would land a role with a top fintech company. The European-based digital bank N26 hired Tobias on their financial crime prevention team, where he uses his background in law and interest in fintech to support the challenger bank. It’s an experience that Tobias hopes will catapult his career forward in fintech. “This experience is really invaluable to me, as I later want to work as a corporate lawyer in the fintech sector.”

At the same time, his work experience at N26 has also opened his eyes to how he could better manage his finances with the help of fintech products. “Of course, working on financial issues also sensitized me to my personal finances,” Tobias notes.

Go & Grow fits

One area which caught Tobias’s eye was peer-to-peer loans. After learning about p2p loans, Tobias did his own research and found how they can be a great investment option. “I mainly use it as an alternative to overnight, and time deposit accounts as my personal savings for a rainy day,” he said.

This led Tobias to examine many investment platforms for p2p loans. After doing his homework, it was no contest, Bondora Go & Grow was a perfect fit. “My personal favorite is Bondora Go & Grow due to the quick availability of money, high returns, and free account management.”

For Tobias, Go & Grow was not just easy to use, it also made the most financial sense. “If you’re looking for a simple, but profitable investment platform, Bondora is definitely a sensible choice.”

Invest now

‘If you are looking for a simple, but profitable investment platform, Bondora is definitely a sensible choice.’

*As with any investment, your capital is at risk. Investments made through Bondora are not guaranteed; therefore any assets allocated to the Go & Grow account are not guaranteed by any state fund or otherwise secured, and it may not be possible to liquidate assets or withdraw money immediately. The yield is up to 6.75% p.a., but please note that the yield achieved in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return in the future. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement or consult with a financial advisor if necessary. The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the investors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Bondora.

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