Bondora celebrates over 6M of loan originations

Make way for more loan originations! In February, loan originations increased, mostly thanks to the Finnish market almost doubling in size from January. This is the highest level of originations for 2021 thus far. We also had an increase in the value of loans recovered, and we passed the 70 000 mark in recovered loans for the first time in history! Check out more highlights in this in-depth look at the Bondora portfolio in February.

Loan originations are on the rise.
Loan originations are on the rise.

In February, 3,203 people joined Bondora, bringing the number of investors to 154,766. In total, over €411M has been invested, and investors have earned more than €51M in returns over the last 12 years.

February’s investments totaled €6,462,732. This is the largest total investment we’ve had in 2021 thus far🎉It’s also €276,270 higher than in January. This increase comes predominantly from Go & Grow investments that once again breached the €6M mark as it did in November and December of last year. It accounts for €6,003,605 of all product funding. Except for the API, all investment products showed substantial increases.

February showed an increase in the number of loans recovered as well as their amounts during the collection and recovery process. We recovered 70,327 loans, which totaled €748,323. This is the first time that we’ve pushed past the 70k mark for the number of loans recovered! As in January, the majority was recovered in Estonia (€339,519), but Finland is hot on its heels with €297,296. We do everything we can to ensure debt is collected, so our investors can feel confident in our abilities to protect their assets.

Secondary Market transactionsremaintrue to their nature. After rising again in January, it took a dip in February. The total value of transactions was €294,682– nose-diving by €101 390 from January. Another steadfast feature is that manual transactions remain the most popular by a landslide, taking up 62% of the total share. It is interesting to note that API transactions showed a rise of 4.9%, and Portfolio Manager transactions decreased by a whopping 63%.

Loan originations increased to its highest level in 2021 to the value of €6,462,732. Finnish loans continue to grow on the momentum that’s been building since December. Finnish loans nearly doubled in February, shooting up to €1,301,284 from €666,486 in January. This is the 4th month since the Finnish market reopened, and it’s fantastic to see this exponential growth in loan originations. Exponential growth is, of course, not necessarily sustainable, but we’re eager to see how long this rush will continue and when it will stabilize. Estonia is still holding most loan originations, despite declining for the 2nd month to €5,161,448.

February showed that Bondora is going strong. We’re feeling more optimistic in 2021, despite all the challenges the world has had to overcome. Finnish loan originations are growing exponentially, while Estonian originations stand firm. And more and more investors are building their wealth with Go & Grow.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Product funding
  • Recoveries
  • Secondary Market
  • Loan originations

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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