Bondora Group Monthly Stats March 2024

Welcome to our monthly stats post for March. This is your dose of insights into our growth and performance. It’s all the numbers, updates, and statistics you want to see in a brief but informative read.

Grab your coffee, and let’s dive into Bondora Group’s March news and statistics.

Bondora Monthly Stats March 2024
Bondora Monthly Stats March 2024

New Investors

In March, 2,077 people created their investor accounts with us. A warm welcome to all the new investors who joined our community 🤗

Monthly Stats March: 2,077 new investors joined.
Monthly Stats March: 2,077 new investors joined.


During our 16th birthday celebration in February and March, our investors made the most of the temporary higher Go & Grow monthly limit.

Thanks to this higher limit, our investors added a total of €31,660,730 to their Bondora accounts in March.

This is our highest-ever investment amount! So if you invested with us in March, you’re a vital part of Bondora history ✨

Monthly Stats March: €31,660,730 was invested
Monthly Stats March: €31,660,730 was invested.

16th birthday campaign and Q&A

The campaign ended on 21 March, and we celebrated our 16th birthday with the first Q&A session of the year with our CEO and Co-founder, Pärtel Tomberg.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions and tuned in to watch the video.

You can view it here on our YouTube channel at any time.

As Pärtel mentioned, we will continue to answer your questions on our blog and social media. So, here’s this month’s question that we received on YouTube:

Investor question of the month

‘Are you regularly audited by the government or other institutions?’

We understand the importance of trust in financial services, which is why we’re committed to providing our investors with clear and reliable information.

Bondora Group’s consolidated financial statements are audited annually by KPMG, an external auditor. 

These audit reports are also available to the public. You can easily find them on our support site in the financial performance article.

Loan originations

Monthly Stats March: €15,489,470 was originated.

In March, loan customers originated €15,489,470 worth of loans. This is a 12.3% increase from February

💡 Most noteworthy is the Netherlands’ originations, with a 131% growth rate. Increasing from €924,664 in February to €2,134,180 in March.

See from which markets the most originations came in March:

Monthly Stats March: loan distribution across markets.
Monthly Stats March: loan distribution across markets.

Finland remains the market with the most loan originations, taking up the vast majority every month.

Lastly, we have Latvia, the most recent new loan market the Bondora Group launched. We’re expecting this market share to remain the smallest for the coming months as we grow our brand and presence there.

See you next time

That’s it for today! Be on the lookout for the April stats & data article coming next month.

Until then, check us out on Instagram for even more updates, educational content as well as sneak peeks into our daily life at Bondora.

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