VIDEO: Weekly summary – November 16, 2016


Build earnings through the Bondora affiliate program

Yesterday we announced our new affiliate program. In only three steps you can begin making money. The program allows affiliates to earn 5€ for every registration that results with a at least 5€ deposit originating from their unique affiliate URL. You’ll earn even more when you receive 5% of the total invested amount from a new user. Simply contact us using to start today.

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Weekly industry news roundup – November 14, 2016

In our weekly industry news roundup we reviewed the growing P2P marketplace opportunities in the UK and even New Zealand. CrowdFunder reported on investments flowing to these new platforms. Business Insider wrote a piece on the influence of the recent US election on the FinTech world and regulations. EveryInvestor shared five questions new P2P investors should ask themselves. Finally, DEAL-Magazin discussed Bondora’s ability to leverage the market gap between big banks and microlenders, creating a win-win situation for both investors and borrowers.

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Finding profit opportunities in the Secondary Market

On Friday we shared some great way investors can take advantage of the 29 different filtering options available to those investing in the Secondary Market. We discussed how discounts, recent payments and strong credit all create profitable opportunities.

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Statistics reports: Compare your returns with other investors

On Thursday we provided a review of the investment return comparison tool available on the Bondora Statistics page. Many investors find this tool useful when measuring the relative performance of their investment. This feature is also helpful for those who want to set a benchmark for success before making their first investment.

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