Investment and Origination Statistics Cool Down in November

As the colder weather settled in, our originations and investment figures are also cooling. With a 6.4% decline in loan originations, as well as a 5.8% decline in investments. Spain, however, continues to increase its origination standing. There was also a substantial increase in new investors joining Bondora. Our amount of cash recovered increased to just below €1M. Read more:

Investment and origination statistics cool down in November.
Investment and origination statistics cool down in November.

In November, 2,102 new investors joined Bondora! Investors have earned more than €85M in returns on their total investment amount of over €697M.

In November, loan originations had an overall total of €14,103,044. An impressive amount, despite the decline of 6.4% from October. All the loan markets decreased their totals, albeit by small percentages. Spain is the exception, increasing by 3.0% to €1,174,809’s worth of loan originations. Finland originated €7,988,359 and Estonia €4,939,876. In November, the origination market shares looked like this: Finland has 56.6%, Estonia 35.0%, and Spain has 8.3%. The Netherlands is currently closed for new originations as we evaluate the next steps for this market. This is an essential step in our expansion plans to ensure we only scale markets that offer good-quality loan portfolios for our investors. Across all our active loan markets, the overall average interest rate dropped slightly from 21.8% to 21.7%.

Secondary Market activity continues the trend of decreased transactions, albeit more mildly. After October’s dramatic 19.0% decline, November’s 1.4% decline is relatively minimal. It came to a total of €80,8660’s worth of transactions. However, two categories defied this decline, namely API and Portfolio Manager transactions increased by 4.6% and 131.1%, respectively. The API accounts for a 35.6% share, and Portfolio Manager for a 2.2% share. Despite its 6.3% decline, Manual transactions still have the largest share of transactions, with 62.2%.

Our November collection and recovery figures are the opposite of what we saw in October. The number of loans decreased, but the amount of cash recovered increased. The number of recovered loans declined by 0.6%, which is 84,801 loans. The amount of cash collected increased by 16.9%, reaching €965,780, just shy of €1M. In November, most loans were recovered from Estonia (47.5%). However, the most cash was recovered in Finland (48.8%). Spain’s cash recovery figures increased by 27.8% to €76,836. (The Netherlands is not yet included, as it’s a brand-new market.) The 2014-2022 recovery rate remained stable, declining only from 48.9% to 48.3%.

Investment product funding decreased again, albeit only slightly, by 5.8%. Investors added just shy of €14M to their accounts, a total of €13,997,047. Once again, Go & Grow’s figures had the most significant effect, as it is the most-used investment product, making up 96.9% of all investments. It received €13,568,020. Portfolio Manager received €246,668, and Portfolio Pro had €182,447. The API made up the remaining €1,912.

Investment product funding figures:

Go & Grow                      – 5.8%

Portfolio Manager          – 8.0%

Portfolio Pro                   – 2.0%

API                                   – 5.4%

Want to know more? Follow our blog for more analyses of the Bondora market, or visit our general statistics page for daily updates.

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