From Hungary to Estonia: Meet Gergő – our 36th Bondora Superhero

Gergő‘s is a rare find in the world of analytics – he truly loves creating reports and always puts data first. And he has a ton of interesting hobbies! Keep reading to find out more about Gergő Zavecz, our 36th Superhero.

Gergő's life motto is 'Some people say I look like the young Rick Astley, so I would go with 'Never Gonna Give You Up.'
Gergő’s life motto is ‘Some people say I look like the young Rick Astley, so I would go with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.

Bondora Superhero #36 — Gergő Závecz

👦Bondorian since May 2022

🔍Role: Senior Analyst

💡Team: Data Analytics

Gergő’s journey at Bondora:

I joined Bondora in May 2022, and I moved from Hungary to Estonia when I started to work at the company. When I joined, I mostly worked on A/B tests with the Product Team. Now I’m mainly working with Marketing on topics like brokers, campaign segmentation, and impact evaluation. Additionally, our team has larger-scale projects in which most of us participate using the domain expertise we have, and we create reports used by most of the company.

Gergő’s typical workday

I come to the office every day, as I prefer to meet with colleagues, and if I have a blocker in my work, it’s easier to ask others for a solution in person than on Slack. And there’s also free lunch, even if some say such a thing does not exist 😊🍗

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Most probably those projects/epics that involve most of my team. I love it when we work together to create a dashboard/report/table used by multiple domains and to make decisions.

This is something new for me as until recently, I worked in academia, where although I also did a lot of statistics/data analysis, it was unlike that in Bondora, where all the findings are used in a business environment and in production, and where it’s more of a team effort 📊

And what makes being an analyst at Bondora awesome?

There is both a professional and a personal side to it. Professionally, the technical stack we use here, what I learn from colleagues in my team and other departments, and the possibility of working with multiple domains. For example, seeing the Product/Marketing/Finance/Risk side of a larger company that still grows and tackles new challenges is very insightful 📈

Being an expat, especially when you first move to a new country, is not always easy. But Bondora has been a great environment to deal with this: Friday afternoon events in the kitchen, activities at the Summer Days, Millimallikas in Valli (famous local drink at a local bar), singing Johnny Däpp in Zillertal during the ski trip or any songs in Shamrock (karaoke bar), starting a club, playing disc golf, watching Champions League football and understanding the rules of rugby have all been made possible by friends I met here 🥳

How did you find your way into the world of analytics? What has the experience been like so far?

If I’m being totally honest, probably when playing fantasy football with an old Hungarian newspaper, Focivilág Magazin, as a kid. I tried to make sense of the player’s values and performance but never succeeded.

But on a serious note, when I wrote my university dissertation, I analyzed public opinion surveys, which was my way into the world of analytics. And I think I will stick to data analysis for my career.

So far, I’ve been working with person-level, company-level, country-level, and now loan-level data, and no matter which type, I’ve always liked to understand and find patterns there 🔍

Best meme that sums up being an analyst?

Best meme that sums up being an analyst

‘I can’t start programming before I …’ 

Set up YouTube/Spotify 🎶

What analytical tools are your favorite and why?

I really like the platform Databricks, used in Bondora, as I can do my exploratory SQL-s, dashboards, and statistical analyses in Python all in one place.

I also enjoy working with dbt (data build tool) as it makes our lives easier by processing raw data and structuring all our tables in the analytics team.

What is your best investment advice?

I am probably not the best person to answer this question, as I am awful at saving. But you can find good financial tips on the Bondora blog 😊

Best cybersecurity/IT tip?

Never leave your laptop unlocked – at a previous workplace, I got back to the screen being rotated, and that is probably the least bad thing that can happen 🖥️

And now, let’s get to know Gergő even better!

What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

Besides sports like running, skiing, and swimming, a good example would be LEGO building. This is why I was so happy when I received a huge LEGO castle from my colleagues this year as a birthday present. But to confess my sins, I haven’t yet finished building it 🏗️

What are your favorite games to play?

Currently, I would say table tennis in the office, not with great success though 🏓

Which game have you clocked the most hours with on Steam?

I am cheating here a bit as it means multiple games, and it’s not on Steam: Football Manager. I have more CL wins than Pep Guardiola will ever get ⚽

Bacon: yay or nay? 

Yay, but even more töpörtyű, a Hungarian food, basically fried bacon 🥓

What’s your favorite TV show/podcast?

I always liked shows in which there are consequences to acts and where there is character development leading either to redemption or tragedy, so a tie between ‘Succession,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘BoJack Horseman,’ and ‘The Shield.’

What’s your favorite kind of music (to listen to while working)?

It changes weekly, but when I listen to something, I usually play it on a loop for a couple of hours, be that 80-s classics, Hungarian rock classics, psytrance, techno, punk, black metal or party schlagers.

Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets at the moment, but Bogár, my grandmother’s pumi, was very close to me.

Pumi is a Hungarian sheepdog.
Pumi is a Hungarian sheepdog.

What superpower would you like to have and why?

Probably time travel, especially to the past. On a grand scale, I always wondered what things I learned in history books looked like. On a personal level, I could just go back to decisions I regret 😬

What’s something that you want to do but scares you?

If I look out of the office windows, I can see a ski jumping tower. I love mountain skiing but never dared to try ski jumping, and probably it will stay this way. Even the level of Eddie the Eagle is unreachable ⛷️

It has been our privilege to introduce you to Gergo! His ability to decipher complicated data makes him a valuable asset to the Bondora team. As they say in Hungary: Később találkozunk! (catch you later).

Tune in again next month to meet our 37th Bondora Superhero!

P.S. If you’re interested in becoming the next Bondora Superhero 🦸‍♀️ head over to our Careers Page to check out our open positions.

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