🏆 Bondora breaks debt recovery record…again!

Bondora had plenty to celebrate in March. Not only did we get the highest level of originations for 2021 to date (over €7.7M), but we also broke a record in our debt recovery and collection processes. March 2021 is the first time in history that over €1M was recovered! How incredible is that? Check out more highlights in this in-depth look at the March Bondora portfolio:

March 2021 is the first time in history that over €1M was recovered!

In March, 3,496 people joined Bondora, bringing the number of investors to 158,262. In total, over €418M has been invested, and investors have earned more than €52M in returns over the last 13 years.

158,262 people have invested over €418M and earned €52M

March was a fantastic month for Bondora. In fact, when it comes to our product funding, it’s our best month of the year thus far 🎉 March investments totaled €7,707,127, which is a whopping €1,244,395 more than in February. Go & Grow investments are mainly responsible for this impressive increase, as investments into our most popular product passed the €7M mark for the first time this year. It accounts for €7,144,076 of all product funding. All investment products had considerable increases.

March has been an incredibly successful month for our collection and recovery process. We collected €1,295,673 in March, which is the first time we’ve collected more than €1 million in one month. Not only that, but it’s 52% higher than our previous record from November! Thank you to everyone’s hard work on this: It was a tremendous cross-team effort. As in previous months, the majority was recovered in Estonia (€768,009), with Finland in second place (€352,883).

For the first time in months, the Secondary Market is not following ‘protocol.’ For nearly the last year, Secondary Market transactions waxed and waned each month. Still, in March, it declined further from its February dip. The total value of transactions was €269,831– declining further by €24,851 from February. One thing remains certain: Manual transactions continue to be the most popular by a landslide, once again taking up 69% of the total share. On the other hand, API and Portfolio Manager transactions decreased.

Loan originations increased to its highest level in 2021 to the value of €7,707,127. Estonia still has the largest share of loan originations – garnering 82% of all loan originations. It also showed significant growth for the first time in two months – climbing by 22.8%. Finnish loans continue to build on the momentum that’s been growing since December. However, the exponential growth rate we’ve seen since 2020 might begin to stabilize. After nearly doubling in February, it grew by only 6.4% in March.

March has been a good month for Bondora, and we continue to feel positive about the year ahead of us. Finnish loan originations are stabilizing, and Estonian originations are growing sustainably again. We’re also seeing a steady influx of investors who want to build their wealth with Go & Grow. We also celebrated a tremendous achievement with our debt collection process. All in all, March was great!

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Product funding
  • Recoveries
  • Secondary Market
  • Loan originations

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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