Meet Marcin, an entrepreneur and Bondora investor from Poland

1. Tell us about yourself and what you do for fun.

I am an entrepreneur. A few years ago I was deeply involved in alternative investments (fine wine), right now I co-own an esthetic medicine clinic and run an educational foundation devoted to helping people with alopecia. In my free time, I like to cycle together with my son or play golf.

2. What made you start investing with Bondora and are you investing for a specific purpose?

I started investing with Bondora because I am always looking for a ‘passive” investment – that will not absorb a lot of my time (“set it, and forget it”). I treat my Bondora portfolio as an important part of my retirement safety net.

“My XIRR for today is 11.73% and it is exactly what I planned”

3. What were your goals when you started and what is your net return today?

My XIRR for today is 11,73% and it is exactly what I planned – just a little above 10% per annum. In my opinion return, about 10-12% is a reasonable “equilibrium point” between risk and return.

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4. What features do you use and how do they work for you?

I use portfolio Pro. That is an important functionality for me – as I said before, the low amount of time necessary to manage an investment portfolio is of crucial importance for me. Portfolio Pro allows me to define precisely the boundaries of my portfolio risk/return characteristics.

“Do not be greedy, do not take too much risk.”

5. If you could give any advice to someone starting out with Bondora, what would it be?

Be patient and allow your portfolio to “roll” and get the positive growth momentum. Do not expect miracles to happen. Do not be greedy, do not take too much risk.

„It is difficult to find an investor pursuing a really long-term investment.“

warsaw at night

6. Do the Polish invest differently compared to other European countries?

It is always difficult to make general statements. What I know from available statistics is that still the biggest part of assets owned by Poles are located in bank deposits. It seems that for our citizens it is difficult to find a balanced investment solution – they invest either too conservatively (deposits) or too risky (like FX markets). What is also typical – the short investment horizon. It is difficult to find an investor pursuing a really long-term investment.

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